Creator's existence has been proven article i wrote for myself might not make sense for others

the Lord has helped me out so much that i want to remind me self; im not talking about instructions or guidance/wisdom i mean full blownout things i need/thinking about/want out of no where.

needed razor for Costa Rica(frutas sooo tasty); i forgot to bring one and grew a big beard, i wasnt trying to walk thru customs w hair + tan= long wait lol. i thought about it, but since im learning that everything has a reason i said ok. im also learn2bfree, and not visit same scenario repeated over+adding more nonsense that i assume will happn. and being in the process of these teachings which goes along w controlling my thoughts+emotions+eventually mediatate. i later found one that was brand new on a shelf. wow

same day i was walking to beach where there is a fruit stand to get some din din. there are crazy amount of hills and turns as u get into towns. every1 has stick shift and 4 wheel drives are sought after/highly renownd. i figure itd b awesome to have a all wheel drive turbo charged rally car to rip thru these roads. and hadnt seen one here for 6 days and i was on a highway too. mostly all trucks,small suvs,4 door sedans. i was making car noises and imagined how fast i could drive a subaru wrx sti or mitsubishi evo 7/8and how cool it would b since no1 here had seen a rally racer. i really focused on it and what do u know i was walking to the beach. i hear this mean deep exhaust and i recognize it instantly. i know exactly what car it is, but im said no way i guess its a fluke its prob somesort of truck. i was walkin a hill w a bend and it was getting closer. and i completely was liek i have no clue what this is gona b. boom it was a flippin sti (subaru rally car click here to see what car and how powerful) it was driven by a japanese guy too which makes it all the better. the car is from Japan it was sauce. he was driving into town b4 i could even get over the fact i hear it again 3-5 mins later. up the hill past me i was shockkkd. this was within 2-3 hours of me contemplating about how sweet it would b.

on the way back from the beach i wanted to walk as much on the beach w.o my sandals cuz it was 2-3 mi and i was getin a tinnie small spot on my foot blister possibility if i redid. thus i tried to go as far as possible on the sand. i got so far that there was nobody else there now i got deep into tico(local natives) territory. it was all colorful nice houses and i didnt know how i was goin to get to the main road beacuse i was walking along side of it w.o seeing it. i was parallel, i knew the direction back yet i was so far down now that the color of the sand changed to earhty neurtal brown. uncharted for most tourists. i was about a mile down the beach; i figured one thinks/solves problems best when one can b calm. logically i said if it doesnt work i can turn back around and go the way i came or try to hop on a bus cuz it was going to get dark in 30-45 mins. its very safe place, i wasnt even thinking on those lines just addressing all the angles. also educating on to keep faith nao it went hand in fruit w this situasion. it turnd out i found a small path before i only saw trees/tall grass/bushes and no sight of the road really. i came to a mango tree; they are wild in CR but it was a great find i got a big green one to put on the front porch so itd ripe in leik 5 seconds from the tropical sun lol. got to the road w the my vip guidance that we all have access too, no1 seems to tune in to that frequency tho. its a free channel. it put me out pretty far and i got to the other beach near my house which doesnt have all the shoppes and restraunts on the beach itself. u sit under a tree and look at the waves its incredble w feet in the sand. i jogged on the sand and sprinted and felt soooo amaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzziiiiiinnngggg and still do as i type this up. i ate the oversized papaya=almost 2 footballs and i love u, me and our GODDDDDDD see its happyness OD is a :D ur eyes r more open w G OD

and the only reason i can type this is the fact that the place just got fast internet installd 2-3 days ago b4 it was unusable dialup really slooooow. i mean come on son im enjoying massive trance postivity simultanious.

more 2 come

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