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Redbook's website[redbookmag.com (Online version of US print magazine for the woman juggling family, career and her own needs.)] published
Q. My fiancé loves for me to give him oral sex and I have no problem with that (believe me) , but he wants me to swallow his semen. Can it hurt me? Are there any health problems associated with swallowing semen?
A. The good news is that it's beneficial! Recently studies have shown that regular consumption of semen can actually have some wonderful health benefits. Semen contains at least 13 prostaglandins and high concentrations of hormones that retain potency if taken orally. The quality of the seminal hormones is thought to be superior to even prescription versions. In the study women who regularly consumed their lovers sperm showed such benefits as a reduction in ovarian cancers, lowered depression and many even had acne symptoms lessen or stop entirely. It is thought that the oral consumption of the potent hormones had a balancing effect on woman's hormonal ups and downs caused by their periods and pregnancy or breastfeeding.

The key to the findings is "regular consumption". Only once in blue moon won't have the same effect. Those that indulged once or twice a week received little benefits. The ones who received the results were the ones who ingested semen four to five times a week or more! Now that's dedication. If this seems like a lot of work you need to remember that your partner can assist in producing it. All though preferable, a blow job is not the only way to obtain semen. You might be surprised how fast your man can produce sperm for you all on their own.

Oddly enough only married or monogamous women showed the benefits.Those with multiple partners showed no beneficial effects or even reported detrimental effects. This is thought to be caused by the differences in the hormonal makeup of multiple partners.
another interesting find
Until present times hard physical work was continually necessary just for basic survival. A man soon learned he had to conserve his energies for survival over pleasure. It may be that we have only so much personal resource or "energy" at our command. Possibly it is not mere coincidence that a traditional puritanism in this country coincided with the development of the wealthiest and most creative society the world has known.For the male, the highest concentrations of valuable chemicals in the body are contained in the semen.
it may also be reasonable to assume that if not frequently spent in sex they become available for mental and bodily development. It is curious that in several aspects the chemistry of the semen and the brain are more similar to each other than to any other bodily tissues.

It is curious that almost no animals produce prostaglandins, while in nearly every other way human and animal biochemistry is identical. Only the rabbit, sheep and a few monkeys produce prostaglandins, and humans many hundreds of times more than these animals. As the prostaglandins are produced in the male's seminal vesicles, very large amounts are in male semen. Men "waste" more prostaglandins in a single emission than women produce in a day in their entire body. It is a question just why prostaglandins are present in male semen since they have no reaction with sperm and have been proven to do nothing to insure impregnation in the female. It has been found that females absorb male prostaglandins after coitus in the vagina and uterus and actually have special receptor cells in the uterine wall to receive male prostaglandins. An old wives' tale holds that women gain strength from men during coitus, and on this very basic chemical level this observation seems to be validated. Prostaglandins are one of the most refined of the body's products and women absorb these "super-chemicals" from males. Since seminal fluid has no apparent purpose than as a vehicle for sperm, why does it have such a concentration of valuable body chemicals? An ounce of semen has been found to be basically the concentration of the most valuable chemicals from 60 ounces of blood. No two tissues in the body show greater similarity in their lecithin, colesterin and phosphorous contents than the brain and semen. Semen has proportionally more fructose, citric acid, spermine and prostaglandins than any other tissue in the body. It is also richer than most any other tissue in zinc, ascorbic acid, inositol, glyceryl, phosphory-choline and free amino acids. It has 33 times the neutral amino acids, 28 times the acidic amino acids and 57 times the basic amino acids as the blood. Women may absorb body chemicals from male semen other than prostaglandins to enrich their body chemistry and health. Another possibility for the chemical richness of semen is that, through a conservative sexual lifestyle, a man may reabsorb and utilize these valuable body chemicals. Instead of continually producing semen, he may use these same chemicals to invigorate the brain/body. While modern psychology believes sexual inhibition unhealthy mentally and physically, it fails to account for the fact that such giants as Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, da Vinci, Spinoza, Bacon, Newton, Kant, Beethoven, Spencer, and Tesla were celibates. The purpose here is not to universally recommend celibacy but to point out the absurdity of the modern position.

excerpt from http://curezone.org/forums/am.asp?i=1364871
format is the standard Q&A my little collection that i consider valuable from the members of that concious website.

"I have read that retaining your semen for long periods of time opens up higher states of mind and consciousness."

This is complete bunk. The ability to retain semen, and conscious, are correlated. But in the opposite way. Maintain consciousness allows you to retain semen, not other way around.

"I remember a while ago you said the reproductive organs become elimination organs if one's body is overloaded with toxins."


"I have been reading from various Taoist sources that when semen is retained in the body for long periods of time, the semen is circulated throughout the whole body via the lymphatic system. If this is so, do you think a cleaned out lymphatic system at a cellular level plays a big role in a man retaining his semen?"


"I have also read various "studies" from Doctors and the medical establishment that prolonged semen retention is dangerous for ones health."

Not necessarily. It depends on factors.

"Now, is there truth to this because of the fact that the reproductive organ becomes an outlet for toxins due to improper diet/lifestyle?"

Any hole in the body becomes an outlet for toxins. This includes the anus, urethra, pores in the skin, open wounds, hair follicles, ear canal, nostrils, etc.

"Do you think our overly sexual culture mirrors the internal cleanliness we all have as a whole?"

Someone who is really toxic, will desire sex all the time. The body knows it is about to die, so it tries to pass on its genes as a last resort. To someone who is very clean and enlightened, there is no such thing as LUST, there is only such thing as desire, because the body is not always on the verge of imminent death.

"Do you think their simplicity in diet and cleaner environment overall played a big role in their views on sexuality?"

Diet plays a big role in a lot of things, because a cleaner diet allows the body and mind to do different things.

another reply
"I have also read various "studies" from Doctors and the medical establishment that prolonged semen retention is dangerous for ones health."
the semen would be "clear" and i don't think any harm would develop other than the loss of function of production of semen. the books suggest the semen would climb up the spine to the silver cord, etc....and funny you mention this now after i made a silver cord formula...
the goal would be to have the semen reach the top and then unlock the silver cord, etc...nothing i have any experience with.

"Now, is there truth to this because of the fact that the reproductive organ becomes an outlet for toxins due to improper diet/lifestyle?"
i suggest anyone seeking such enlightenment would already be a fasting/yoga type expert.....it would take allot of dedication to live a life with those goals. i would suggest you would be an extremely healthy person long before you would have such goals.

"Do you think our overly sexual culture mirrors the internal cleanliness we all have as a whole?"
i have read the more acidic our diet, the more the sex drive will be...once addicted is when the body will create an outlet to expell the waste. the dam always breaks at the weakest link.

"I mainly learned about Semen Retention from the religions of the East and from the ancient philosophers of greece thousands of years ago. Do you think their simplicity in diet and cleaner environment overall played a big role in their views on sexuality?"

monks/popes and the first church have the no women, no children religion. they practiced out of body and pretty much no family life. i know that today, some do the out of body thing on command and no doubt these monks that never take a wife are doing allot of crazy things spiritually.

you must remember back in those days baptism by fire was burning a man's testicals off so he could achieve what your speaking of. that is why i laugh when people ask me if i have been baptized! the entire baptism/cross thing is all sexual referances and nothing at all like the modern day churchs makeit out to be. those medical snakes crawling up twisting around each other represent exactly what you are referring to.....the semen seeking up the spine to the silver cord!

brother hoods such as medical/catholic etc. all have faith in such religious things...luckily i was to dumb to go to college.

blessings and good luck,
sparking some moar curiosity w final insert

i say, abstaining from sex doesn't really make one enlightened. but the ability to obstain from sex, probably means one has some level of enlightenment.
at the most fundamental level, enlightenment is nothing more than cleaning the body, and cleaning the mind. by eliminating impure matter (food) one may have a clean body. by eliminating impure thoughts (rage/fear/anxiety/jealousy/sloth/hate/addiction) one has a clean mind. this is why the old monks spent most of their time meditating, and were vegetarians.
the thing about semen retention is that it only really works if you are clean. when the semen is passed through the body, the body mirrors its energy. it does so in the same way the body uptakes the energy of food. the actual process is the same, the only thing that changes is the nature of the substance being used. if one is dirty, the sexual organs have a "need" to reproduce. if the semen is forced into retention, this same energy is passed through the body. you won't actually achieve a higher state of mind, you will only become more horny.
real peace of the body only comes about with extensive fasting. true peace of mind only comes about when one has given up all attachments.if one really wants enlightenment, working with the chakras is a much more consistent method of attaining consciousness.

According to East and South Asian philosophical/spiritual systems that a "pure" diet (fruit usually being considered the purest food, meat being the most polluted) reduces the sex drive because one's energy is sublimated toward spiritual pursuits.

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