Mango's poems

Here is the work that played a role in you reading this. Twas the final push for me to create this blog.
copied from Mango's site

this is so mind expanding
You say you love animals,
but you eat them..
You say you love birds,
but you cage them in..
You say you love trees,
but you chop them down..(for consumerism he doesnt mean u actually physically do this. i know its almost impossible to fix this but limit urself )
You say you love flowers,
but you pick them..
Now I am afraid, that you will say.. "I love you"..

key concept don't try 2 own things. enjoy their essence and operate out of love; it does not mean u try to control things to suit ur needs. simple is always better and that gives me the perfect segway for

Sasho, the old Zen monk, is dieing.. News soon reaches all his worldly Sannyasins, and they come running to pay their last respects..
Rishiki, his most favoured pupil, hears of the imminence of the passing of his master.. Quickly, he makes his way to the market..
"But where do you go Rishiki?! Your master lies in the opposite direction!"
Ignoring these words, he moves on to the market.. There, he searches high and low, and finally finds a single stall with a single Durian; MongThong.. The last of a small out-of-season pile.. A fruit he knows only too well his master has an especial fondness toward....
Rishiki arrives at the dwelling of Sasho.. Sasho turns to him, says, "Ahh.. Rishiki, at last, you are here".. - "Yes Master, the obvious is indeed always profound".. They exchange smiles.
Rishiki splits the ripe and ready durian and offers the opened fruit to his teacher.
Seeing, the frailty and ebbing life-force of their master, one young student looks to him and says: "master.. You are about to leave us.. please, if you could summarize all of your teachings into one brief sentence, what would it be?"..
"Ahh.. little, Rimpo, the master sighs..".. He takes up the soft flesh of the durian, and places it on his tongue.. Everyone waits.. "This Durian is Excellent!".. At that, Sasho leaves us to continue his voyage in other realms..

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