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No problem "keeping calories up!" During my first few years of raw I actually was haunted by this silly fear! Coming from a hard-core bodybulding mentality (most young men have this… lol) and never wanting to lose any hard- earned weight, I was constantly haunted with the possibility of missing a meal or losing "weight". I soon discovered, however- well maybe not so soon- it took almost ten years to get off the emotional ego trip of literally being a big stuffed body mass of garbage- that calories are NOT calories are NOT calories. Put it this way: 300 calories of oranges provides so much more physical "energy" (energy does not come from food anyway, but that is another lecture!) than 900 calories of cooked cereal, as a comparison. That is right. There is so much residue of unused and unassimilated "crap" in the oatmeal, for example, or even cooked quinea or brown rice cereal, that your cells only actually get a much smaller percentage of actual nutrition that you can use. To keep things simple, cooked food is like monopoly money with a tiny bit of real money thrown in. You need to eat about six times more to get an equal amount of nutrition- if that. So when a person complains about not getting enough calories, what they should do is consider that those EXTRA calories are simple garbage bulking up their cells as their body tried to store it (It cannot eliminate it fast enough). To make a long story short, when I finally came to terms with the silly calorie issue (and the protein myth also), I started to really become full of energy and not just "full of garbage" as I was when I was force feeding. Most people are force feeding and they do not even know it! Their body craves nutrition but they eat cooked, so the body gets almost nothing but continues to become stuffed with empty calories. When they decide to eat raw, they feel "less full" but I will bet you that they can perform better- MUCH BETTER- in any athletic event. It is that simple, folks. I wrote a blog right here on the same subject last week. PS- Just like Frederic said- use bananas! I remember actually coming to tears the first day I had a lunch of just five bananas. I was sitting in the car waiting to get to the bank drive- up window and had just gone shopping for food, so I took bananas that were ripe and started eating them. After the fifth one the food enzymes triggered my brain that I had had enough (they did not taste sweet anymore) and tears came - OF JOY! I felt so enlightened and blessed to have "stumbled across the truth" in this manner. It was so remarkably simple. Now, almost ten years later I use green smoothies (who does not like them? I have never met a single man woman or child who did not gobble them up-but then again I make a mean green smoothie!) every single day as my main "calorie" meal. Of course I do not care about calories but for those of you newbies who are afraid of losing weight- just be patient. And change your perception. You are not living in the real world. Sorry to be so harsh but it is the truth. We are all so afraid of becoming deflated when in actuality we are- for the most part- too BULKED UP ( our cells are so full unassimilated garbage) to begin with. America is the biggest country in terms of body mass. No wonder everyone is so sick and tired all the time! Do not wory. Follow Ferderic's advice- do a little experimenting on your own- realize and embrace the healing crisis that will ensue- get on a QUANTIFIABLE fitness program - and just BE PATIENT. You will soon begin to live like a god. That is what raw vegan done right will do for you.
I gather that you are very new to raw. Please do not worry- everything will change as your body gets on the right track! I, too, experienced the same pangs of hunger when I first started this wonderful journey of ancient correction to the diet! But to not like smoothies- well– you have not tasted a good one yet that's all. In any case, I too work nine to twelve hours per day on my feet with hardly anything but water, a single fruit and of course my quart of smoothie. Three days a week I have intense appointments and lectures as well as demos that are stressful since I have to "be on" for challenging groups of people. I never get cold in the winter (n fact where WAS the last winter- I do not even remember it!), and I can work in the garden or field all day with just water digging eighty two-foot by 12 inch holes no problem. When I was 19 and in the best shape of my life (so I thought), I could not climb the bleacher steps at speed for more than four flights until I got out of breath. Now I can do almost ten times that with only a few weeks of break-in training and I actually enjoy it. I am also able to do more chin ups, pushups and heavy squats with a barbell than most 25 year old marines, and I have been 100% raw since 2001 (95% since 1999). I never suffer from headaches or stomach aches or any of the maladies that so many others are hindered by, and my close friends and clients also have similar benefits. My mom who is 72 is on zero meds and people mistake her for my sister. The only reason I am telling you this is to give you confidence that you are on the best track, and that your hunger pangs and resistance to the green smoothies (which is not ABSOLUTELY TO THE DEATH NECESSARY but a super convenient way to get calories and nutrition for ANYone not just raw enlightened people) is just natural and will pass. The real point is that you must sometimes "make' yourself do things that you "do not like" in life in order to get further along. If everyone did what they wanted (esp when we are all so OFF course) then the result would be chaos. The main problem with is that what feels good is bad for us and what feels bad is actually good for us. At least at the start- where you are. Eventually your body mind and soul will get back on track to "Paradise Health" (an old term) and believe it or not, you will CRAVE many of the things that you may not have cared for before! Be patient and use your mentality (as the Frank Sinatra song says!) "Step up to reality" … your rewards for "putting up" with a little discomfort will pay off BIG time! Just remember to be creative with the basics, but do not avoid them!

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Did you know that human mother's milk is less than five percent protein? Did you know that 1500 lb bulls got that way from eating grass and no animal products at all? Did you know that the trusted "Food Pyramid" posters are not educational materials but advertisements from industry? Did you know that osteoporosis is a disease not of calcium defficiency but of protein excess? There is not enough room here to even partially debunk the protein myth! You can certainly gain "weight"or "size" by eating low octane, non- foods, but why would you? To add REAL FUNCTIONAL HEALTHY MAGIC MUSCLE to your frame, why argue with ten million years and all of nature's biggest srongest beasts? We are physically, chemically, and physiologically designed to consume plant fuel. This is not a debatable issue, but a misunderstood one. And, of course, "protein" is big business! Just lift the weight. Just lift the weight. JUST LIFT THE WEIGHT! And stop reading "Muscle & Fiction".

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