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The most important times to take really good care of yourself is when
it is most difficult to do so.


one of my faves u gotta read this text

yeah those are correct that ur going to read. ur mind will expand 3,2,1...

How would you describe your nutrition program?

100% raw vegan. organic every chance i can get. dr doug graham has helped me with my ultra endurance eating plan to pump out 320mile solo rides...today i ate 32 bananas, 3kg of grapes and a pound of local
dates. plus some greens. cycled 173km. (thas 105 mile;he prob didnt even have to try that hard for that. he rides anywhere from 5-950 miles a week!)

he goes on to say: I am a raw vegan. i burn over 16000 calories in a 24 hour race and still manage to get enough calories to win these races against riders doing pills n red bulls each lap..

i think society is becoming more aware. i know that more people know about veganism than ever before. and each time someone asks me where do i get my protein from?' i just say 'check out www.veganbodybuilding.com '!!!!!!!!!!

sums it up by:
What are your strengths as an athlete?

ultra endurance. ability to eliminate time and distance remaining is key. once i ran a marathon 9 hours after coming 2nd in a 24 hour solo xc race...focus on the metres in front of you,,not the miles..

What advice do you have for vegan athletes who are just starting out?

google up dr doug graham and read his stuff. its gold! eat enough carbs, get enough sleep. hydrate or die.. before hard races, workouts etc watch that dvd earthlings...ie transmutate your negative feelings about society in positive forces for good. show your friends, family, sporting club etc that vegans can still mix it up!
patting a real live animal friend gets you in touch with your heart felt emotions...cos at the end of the day, if the heart says no to killing etc, so should you.

all the worlds problems stem from people trying to acquire uneccessary things

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