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In the field of health, I think a lot of information and advice is given without enough context. Saying that unheated unprocessed chocolate is healthy is like saying eating grass-fed beef is healthy. Sure, its much healthier than what people eat, but its not our ideal food. I think its great advice for people who are deficient in nutrients, but NEED to have their chocolate, or meat, or what have you.

The media will send out health advice targeted at the standard American. Thats why most people think whole grains, beans, soy, and dairy are healthy foods. They are healthy as a REPLACEMENT for candy, processed meats, white flour. It works off the assumption that no one wants to drastically change their diet to improve their health. Thats why you will see lots of hype about superfoods and supplements. These things offer us easy superficial fixes to complex underlying problems.

The medical field works the same way. You are prescribed a drug because it is assumed that a lifestyle change will be too hard for you. The doctor will mention trying to be more active and eating better. Of course he or she knows that if you increased your exercise and vegetable consumption will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, but he's going to give you a beta-blocker or a statin. He's being practical. People are too lazy.

And sure, cacao is high in magnesium and antioxidants. But guess what? Its also high in caffeine, theobromine, and other toxic compounds. Healthier than milk chocolate? You bet. Health food? I think not. They just don't mention that part.

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