Spiritual Practices

from the book, " Racing along the razor's edge" by Swami Ramakrishnananda, one of Amma's (amma.org)senior disciples.

Life for many people, is a constant struggle to find solutions to innumerable problems that cause suffering. According to the Indian scriptures, ignorance about one's own Self is the cause of all sorrows. We are the Supreme Consciousness, but we take ourselves to be a complex of the body, mind and intellect. In truth, whatever happens to the body, mind and intellect, the eternal Consciousness which enlivens it is not at all affected.

We often, focus on meeting the needs of this complex because of our mistaken identification with the body and mind. This identification creates a lot of desires in us. We could not possibly fulfill all our desires, but this longing is ever present. These unmet desires often cause sorrow.

It must be pointed out that all the happiness we get from external objects is nothing more than borrowed happiness.

The purpose of the different spiritual practices that are recommended by great Masters like Amma is to find out how to derive happiness from our own Self rather than from impermanent external objects.

Many people are very busy, but they somehow find an hour or two to walk or do some exercise everyday on the advice of their doctor. They know that if they don't, they will have serious health problems. However busy one may be, he or she will not neglect their exercise.

Likewise, meditation should become an important part of our lives. Amma always says that meditation, japa ( repetition of a mantra or God's name) and other spiritual practices are as valuable as gold. These spiritual practices give us spiritual growth as well as material prosperity. They also help us to maintain our mental and emotional health. Therefore, the time we spend in meditation and other spiritual practices will never be a waste.

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