Germ Theory


Modern day society is very conscious about germs. We are all taught from the very beginning to always wash our hands and practice many other daily outer hygienic practices along with keeping our living environments sanitary and clean. This is great. Working with food everyday, there is also a code of hygiene and sanitation that goes with the production of food. This is also proper. With the high consciousness of cleanliness that is present with society you would think that that no one should fall victim to what was the result of a germ that entered their body and started reeking havoc. However, this is not the case. The pharmaceutical industry is doing well in the production of antibiotics, drugs, vaccines, and Robitussin (smile) that are either supposed to eliminate the germ that is causing problems in your body or bring it under control. Now let me begin by saying I am no biologist, nor do I think I need to be one in order to bring some light to this subject. I am just an observer of life where I strive to live as close to Mother Nature's laws as possible in an environment that doesn't respect Mother Nature.

It my strong belief that most if not all diseases are the result from improper dietary hygiene and not germs from someone else or some other mysterious entity. There is a saying that sums it up perfectly; "You don't catch a cold, you eat one." First and foremost, by taking this approach, if you fall victim to disease, you and you alone are taking full responsibility for your present diseased condition and not passing that responsibility to a mysterious germ entity that was passed to you by your neighbor, your cousin, or even your mate. I personally like the idea of taking full responsibility for anything that may harm me whether it is disease, misfortune, uneventful circumstances, and so on. Too often in our society, we do not take full responsibility for the events that happen in our lives, yet we are the playwright, director, and actor/actress for what happens in our lives.

Germ Theory proposes that microorganisms naked to the human eye that originate outside of the human organism is the cause for many diseases. Let us examine the food we eat and how food creates disease. All food with the exception of fruits and green leafy vegetables create mucus in the body. The mucus lining is the first line of internal defense that the body has against improper food and substances that are put into the body. Without the mucus lining would not live very long. Even raw soaked nuts and seeds will create mucus. Mucus accumulation starts from day one unfortunately for most human beings. We have all seen formula feed babies with runny noses all too often. If you were formula feed or began with the rice and cereal (high mucus forming foods) as some of your first foods, the reality is that mucus is still present in your body system!

I think it is safe to say that most us have eaten a mucus laden diet for most of our lives, whether we followed a vegetarian or vegan diet from birth or a muslim diet with no pork or red meat. An overaccumulation of mucus in the body forces the body to eliminate mucus in an infinite number of ways. Common mucus elimination methods that the body uses are through our body organs, internally through the lungs (i.e. common cold), colon (i.e. diarrhea, foul smelling stool), stomach (i.e. nausea, vomiting, ulcers), brain (i.e. headache), externally through the skin (i.e. pimples, eczema, dandruff, fungus, foul odors, rash), eyes (morning mucus), and so on. Ultimately, if there is no significant change in diet and lifestyle, the degree of disease, pain, and suffering will advance to another level after decades of bodily abuse. And that could mean cancer, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, thyroid issues, heart trouble, tumors, arthritis, and so on. This all begins with overaccumulation of mucus. Now considering that the body has been overaccumulating mucus most or all our lives, and we clearly see its connection to most diseases, how can we intelligently consider germ theory as a viable theory at all?

Given our paranoia with germs, this consciousness should be given to the food that put in our body. One of the first things we do to eliminate germs is wash our hands. That takes fresh running water. Translating that to the food we eat, the first question when we put any food in our mouth is how much water is contained in this food I am about to eat? Most fruits will contain 70-90% water. In likeness, the body should be made up of at least 70% water. Yet, take a daily journal of your food intake and see how much of the food you eat contains at least 70% water. Most health conscious people will either have fruit for breakfast or as a snack between meals. We need to begin to make fruit THE MEAL itself, and not just a small part of the meal. It's not enough to eat 2-3 meals where the natural living water and enzymes have been cooked out of them and they contain less than 20 or 10% water and then drink a gallon of water or juice behind it. This is not proper and not natural. Food that contains mostly water, is CLEAN food. Clean food allows clean blood cells to permeate and nourish all of the body's systems and allows the colon to work perfectly everytime without the elimination of foul smelling stool.

Eating primarily clean food will then have an impact on other outer hygienic practices, such as deodorant, soap and sanitizers. The use of these products should diminish to a large degree if the primary make up of your food is clean. I haven't used deodorant in almost a decade. When you pass stool, it should not take 30-45 minutes before the next person can enter the bathroom. Because of air pollution and other environmental toxins from urban living, it is very important to bathe daily. However, under different circumstances, such as clean environment with clean diet, it may not be necessary.

When I think about wild animal life, some questions I ponder, "do they wash their hands?" "do they wash their food before eating?" Maybe they do, maybe they don't but definitely not to the degree that humans do. You would think given our belief in germs that germs and bacteria would have wiped out all wild animals long time ago. Given our sanitary practices verses animals in the wild we our out of sync and wild animals are in sync with the way Mother Nature intended. Therefore, wild animals know nothing but divine health and all that represents.

The question is now how do we attack a lifetime of mucus accumulation in the body's entire being? There is only one true way, and it is not with colonics, herbs, homeopathy, essential oils, or other supplements. These methods mentioned are very effective however they are all second fiddle to scientific fasting, diet and lifestyle. A colonic can be effective in removing mucoid plaque in your colon but it will not reach the mucus stored in the brain or the eyes or all other parts of your body. Same with homeopathic remedies and herbs, they work with your body to attack disease symptoms, yet the latent mucus remains throughout your body. Through periodic scientific fasting, YOUR body does the work of slowly eliminating mucus from all parts of the body and internal organs. After the first day of fasting, by examining the mucus layer on your tongue, that becomes the barometer of how much mucus is stored internally throughout the body.

Germs exist in our toxic society, however, the presence of germs does not replace the fact that our diet and lifestyle is the primary reason we are not divinely healthy. Germ theory is barely even 150 years old, yet human life existed long before that. Nonetheless, germ theory has become the foundation for not only allopathic doctors, but naturopaths and alternative healers as well. The germ theory is at best just a theory. Our ancient ancestors knew what equated with divine health and longevity, and that is proper diet, or clean diet, periodic fasting, sunlight, and yoga and qi gong practice. The propaganda machine will continue to feed the paranoia of germs to support their money making industries, from drugs to vaccines to hand sanitizers. We must challenge our false cravings and emotion driven diet and fast and make it a permanent part of our lifestyle. How long does it take to clear out a lifetime of mucus accumulation? My answer is another lifetime! So the sooner we get started, the better. The ultimate goal is to fast and wake up the next day with a clear tongue. Until that happens disease is present in your body in a latent (inactive) state. Waking up with a clear tongue after fasting is the only indicator that a lifetime mucus accumulation is removed from your body and that can take years, maybe over a decade depending on the level of toxicity in the body. With practice and consistency you can become a master faster and your own doctor as the body was designed to self heal with the proper application of periodic fasting.

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