Thinking Yourself Into Sickness, Disease, and Injury

by Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

If you are sick and/or dealing with a certain disease or pathology or a few of them, you may not be aware of this, but you actually played a role in making yourself sick. Whatever your condition of health is, you thought it into existence. As thoughts create destiny and reality, they also create health conditions. Most healthy people have a healthy frame of mind and thinking whereas sick people have a diseased frame of mind and thinking. A mind full of healthy thoughts will get you good health whereas a mind full of unhealthy thoughts will get you poor or bad health.

Sickness, pathology or disease begins in the mind. The mind is a magnet that attracts things good and bad, positive or negative. What you concentrate on over and over constitutes mental programming and this mental programming generates thoughts and thought activates attraction.

When you continually and habitually think about a thing, you are activating forces that bring these things into physical manifestation. Our brain becomes magnetized with our dominating thoughts which we hold and foster in our minds. Thoughts are magnetic! They attract things (e.g. forces, people, circumstances, etc.) to us which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.

This is why we have flu season every year. It's no accident the media starts promoting flu propaganda in the beginning of the year and during the Winter season. The media starts inundating our collective feeble mind-state with stories of the flu and then shortly after they start promoting flu vaccines and shots. It is the collective fear of the flu and belief in the flu that attracts the flu to many people. Folks are not actually attracting or catching the flu as the flu doesn't exist. How can you catch a disease when you've never caught health? It's like the stupidity of catching a cold when you've never caught a hot or a warm. It's so funny to me. People always catch sickness or disease but they never catch a cure or healing. People get sick because they unwisely believe in sickness.

Flu is just a name, a patented medical name, owned by the Rulers/Masters and the effects of what is called the flu is nothing but the manifestation of the breakdown of the defense or immune system from all that holiday junk food binging (which is greatly mucus-forming) starting with Halloween and ending with New Year's. This is why the so-called flu never fails! It's comes on the heels of heavy pigging out on lifeless foods three months in a row followed by media-based flu scares and flu vaccine promotion.

The media puts the fear into your head and then your mind entertains that fear and constantly. Entertaining fear creates thoughts, FEARFUL thoughts, and these fearful thoughts attract the very thing you fear or are afraid of. This is how this whole thing works, people! It's really no secret. People are attracting the so-called flu with their thoughts and belief.

And because the so-called flu deals with a compromised defense or immune system, what breaks down the defense or immune system greater than fear, worry, stress, and negativity? These things alone make you sick. They are no good for health. They offer no incentive or dividends whatsoever. But if you look at most people in society, they are full of fear, worry, stress, and negativity and these same people are sick as hell. It never fails. There is a direct correlation to the state of the mind and human health.

Let's take a look at sexually-transmitted disease and how people's thoughts create these. Long before you physically contract and manifest the STD you unconsciously projected out the attraction for it. Every STD condition is the result of your subconscious mind and emotional state of being. Whether you know it or not, if you have a STD, you attracted it. The person who comes into your life and who transmits the STD to you fulfilled an unconscious contract or contractual agreement you put out via vibration. This is why medical doctors tell you that you have "contracted" a venereal or sexually-transmitted disease. It's a contract, an agreement between two persons to perform certain duties for a consideration (usually sexually pleasure for one person and the STD for the other satisfying the guilt or need for punishment complex).

Sexually-transmitted disease manifests in the genitalia area of the First or Root chakra for males and females and the Second or Sacral Plexus charka of females. Sexually-transmitted diseases in females are almost always rooted at the Second Chakra in the belly area, underneath which lies the female reproductive chamber (ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, etc.). Every chakra or energy center has a demon. The demon of the Second Chakra is GUILT. The demon of the First Chakra is FEAR. When there is a conscious or unconscious fear and feeling of guilt pertaining to sweetjoy or the sweetjoy act, vibration is created. Nothing creates more fear and guilt about sweetjoy than religion.

For the religious-minded person who believes sweetjoy and/or sweetjoy while unmarried is a sin or sinful act, he/she will undoubtedly attract the vibration of punishment. Our thoughts really do create our reality. The thought of sin attracts sin to us. So after we sin (if we are religious), we automatically CONVICT ourselves and are thus GUILTY (in the eyes of our God and in our own mind). We'll, in a court of law (and remember we're dealing with law in the form of Law of Attraction), what follows a conviction? Is it not PUNISHMENT?

Sexually-transmitted disease is the form of punishment that people attract to themselves in response to their self-conviction of guilt. In Western religion, God is associated with punishment and in most cases that punishment involves pain, torture, suffering, and humiliation. And people with STDs suffer from pain (inflammation of the genitals, especially while urinating), self-torture (beating themselves up for having sweetjoy; regret), self-inflicted suffering and humiliation (usually via sense of embarrassment and shame).

Since most sweetjoy in the U.S. today takes place in the lower chakra realm which deals with the material and is lust-based, it can be said that sweetjoy takes place for or is predicated upon three things (1) survival purposes, (2) pleasure/self-gratification purposes, and (3) power purposes.

The First Chakra is concerned with survival. The Second chakra is concerned with pleasure (especially sexual pleasure). The Third chakra is concerned with power and will. The demon for the First Chakra is FEAR. The demon for the Second Chakra is GUILT. The demon for the Third Chakra is SHAME. Fear, guilt and shame negative feelings that attract situations and circumstances that result in more fear, guilt, and shame.

Metaphysician Louis L. Hay associates most sexually transmitted diseases with "mass belief in sexual guilt and the need for punishment; public shame; belief in a punishing God; and rejection of the genitals."

The person who transmitted the STD to you satisfied your subconscious request for the need for punishment, humiliation, torture, suffering, etc. and usually resulting from your thoughts; but it was the thoughts that brought about the manifestation of the physical act which brought about the physical consequences.

Many times people have sweetjoy with a person and afterwards begin to worry and stress over if the person gave them something or if they caught something from the person doing the sweetjoy act. They begin to hope and pray that they didn't catch or contract something and in doing this they amplify what they don't want and thus attract it. In effect, without knowing, they are actually asking the Universe (macrocosm) and the Subconscious Mind (microcosm) for the disease as the Universe and Subconscious Mind does not understand the words "not," and "don't," So when you concentrate on what you don't want you are in effect asking for and attracting to you via Law of Attraction what you don't want and the Universe and Subconscious Mind only knows how to deliver.

Many people are shocked that a person they thought was cool, clean, hygienic, decent, etc. or whom they greatly connected with, "gave" them a sexually-transmitted disease; but we resonate with the people or partners who will perfectly fulfill our fears, guilt, and shame. So maybe he or she was attractive, seemed dignified, was accomplished in some area of life, was charming, financially well-off, etc., but that wasn't the point. This person came into your life for the specific purpose of fulfilling your fears, deep-seated guilt, and shame (need for humiliation).

We attract people who vibrate on the same frequency or resonance as we do. We are all subject to the Law of Attraction just like we are subject to the Law of Gravity. There's no escaping this.

The Law of Attraction operates to pull or draw in whatever it is that we fear or resist as the subconscious world of vibration does not understand the words "not" and "don't." When we focus of what we don't want, don't like, or what we fear, we are amplifying that vibration and that's what we'll attract. It's the law!

The above is very important in over-standing how we think ourselves into sickness and disease.

I have clients who will ask me, "Djehuty, I got bad nerves! What do you have for bad nerves?" Most people are conditioned and inclined to take something outside of self for their answer(s) never realizing that their much sought after answers for every question or problem of life lies within. But society has programmed them to look for all their answers outside of self in the form of a pill or herbal capsule, government, a lawyer, a doctor or psychiatrist, religion (priest, rabbi, or imam); money, school, etc.

Before I even speak on an herbal formula for nerves, I simply ask these people to name off all the people in their life who "gets on their nerves" and a whole papyrus full of so-called friends, family members and co-workers/associates drops down.

My advice to the people with nerves problems is to cut-off every person who gets on their nerves. People who get on your nerves change your vibration to the vibration that will keep people who get on your nerves coming into your orbit and life. The wise and healthy thing to do is to get rid of these people. They are nothing but energy leeches, psychic vampires who rob you of your vital energy or life force and these people give you absolutely nothing of good in return. They are draining you!

"Djehuty, my stomach hurts all the time!" Well, that's because there's something in your life that you can't stomach but evidently you keep dealing with it ("digesting it") and since the body speaks in metaphor your stomach begins speaking to you or giving you signals in the form of stomach problems.

"Djehuty, I have a problem with my eyes!" That's easy! What is it you are not trying to see the truth of? What do you fail to see that you really need to see?

Just look at all the negative sayings and expressions folks use almost daily that attract sickness, disease, injury and drama/problems into our lives

"Get on my sweet joy nerves!"

"I can't stand him!" (feet)

"Makes me sick to my stomach!"

"Gives me a sweet joy head-ache!"

"I hate facing him!"

"I'm not trying to see her!" (eyes)

"She got my back to the wall!"

"I'm shouldering too much responsibility as a single mother!"

"You're a pain in the neck!"

"He gets under my skin!"

"She makes my blood boil!"

"You're going to give me a heart-attack!"

"I'm tired of taking this Sweet joy!" (colon)

"Taking this crap puts a frog in my throat!"

"I know I'm getting screwed up the sweet joy with this deal!" (rectum)

"There's so much I need to get off my chest but I just can't ... I need my job!" (lungs, breast)

"I know it's true but I ain't trying to hear that right now!" (ears)

We have to be conscious of the words we use or we will attract to us disease, sickness, or injury into these specific areas of our body. Even when we are afflicted in certain areas or parts of our body, it's still a good thing because a message is being conveyed if we'd only listen. Behind every physical ailment or problem is an emotional crisis, a metaphysical factor.

Metaphysics can help us to get to the root of our physical health problems. A mere physician can only "treat" a physical ailment by suppressing the problem with chemical drugs (which greatly toxify the body). But the metaphysician can help us heal and cure ourselves of any medical condition because the metaphysician knows that disease first exists on the energy level.

As your words can change your life, they can also improve your health. When folks ask me how I'm doing, I never hesitate to tell them, "I'm on top of the world!" "I'm great!" "I'm well!"

I don't say "I'm okay!" That's mediocre in nature to me.

"I'm alright!" Just alright?

"I could be doing better!" Then why aren't you?

"I've had better days!"

Off the bat I know the mind-state of such individuals who respond like this. Usually you will get a conversation of "doom and gloom" from these individuals which can be quite depressing. I always make sure my greeting or introduction is an inspiring and motivational one. I refuse to listen to negativity so I take over and speak motivational, inspirational, self-empowering and positive words. These people will do either two things ­ listen or leave, which says a lot. Some people may just be "down." Others may want to relish in their victim, "woe is me," mode.

Just as we speak disease, sickness and injury into our lives, we can also speak good health and optimism into our lives. We simply have to reprogram ourselves and replace certain negative words with positive ones. We also have to start concentrating and thinking about want we want rather than what we don't want. Thoughts are things and have attracting power. Healthy thoughts attract healthy people, things and circumstances into our orbit and life.

We have to recondition and reprogram ourselves and the system that brainwashed and conditioned us is not going to help us as it's not to their advantage if we lead healthier and positive lives. Healthy and positive lives and attitudes threaten crime which is bad for politics and government (courts, law enforcement); threatens religion (lack of sin and thus lack of need for repentance or salvation); threatens the pharmaceutical industry (lack of disease and thus lack of profits due to drug sales); threatens psychology and psychiatry (lack of mind problems and mental patients), etc.

Certain people, corporations, and institutions benefit from our not being healthy and happy.

Start using YOUR mind for YOUR own benefit TODAY!

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