Life Is Truly Magical Indeed!!

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I just wanted to share this because it provides me with inspiration and confidence in my goddessness:

After graduating from college and completing a year of national service in Atlanta, I moved back north to live at home with my family. I did not want to leave Atlanta, but I was fearful to live on my own without the safety net of being in school or some type of program. So I moved back home in september and after a month I was like " I can't take it anymore." My spirit was very low and I could see the light that I worked so hard to develop begin to dwindle. I knew that my spirit was in the wrong environment, I even passed on my dream job making a great salary simply b/c my spirit was unhappy, a lot of my familly could not understand this, some even expressed anger and looked at me as if I thought that I was too good to work b/c I could pass on such a good job as if i were throwing away a pair of brand new shoes simply because they weren't my style. So, I decided to take a leap of faith and I went on the computer one night and purchased the cheapest plane ticket that I could find. 3 1/2 months later I moved back to Atlanta without a job or a secure place to stay, I simply had a modest amount of money and a good friend that let me stay with her until I got on my feet.

As soon as I got to Atlanta, I instantly felt my spirit perk up and thank me for the move. With Dejuhuty's mental science manual in hand I decided to work my magic and attract a job that is in alignment with my life's passion and purpose. For 3 weeks I applied to jobs and I didn't hear from anyone. So to keep my self from stressing and becoming negative I told myself daily affirmations practically all day like "the perfect job that is in alignment with my life's purpose is on it's way and it's arriving in divine order." I also called on my spirit guides and angel guides to reveal my life's passion and purpose to me. During this time I also began volunteering at a place that I would have liked to work at - a homeless assistance center. Volunteering at the center really made my spirit smile and it prevented me from stressing about not having a job, a lot of money or a secure place to stay. Also, during this time I made it a point to write every single night all that I was thankful for; for it is very easy to have a lacking mentality when you are out of work, money and a home. Expressing my gratitude for the day made me realize that all that I ever need is provided for. It also helped me enjoy the things that I usually miss in the midst of attempting to live life, things like the feel of the sun on my skin when it’s really windy and freezing cold outside or the beautiful sound and tone of the cashier’s voice at the local supermarket or simply my ability to remain positive and to enjoy this experience that I asked for. Lastly, during these 3 weeks I walked a lot and it was freezing cold, but these walks really helped me gain peace of mind. I would sometime just get up and start walking at 8:00 at night without a destination.
Anyways, long story short, within 3 weeks I got a job that is in alignment with my life’s passion and purpose – Man F a recession. I totally forgot that I had applied. The position is with a local newspaper. writing is a big passion of mine and I’ve always had a desire to become a journalist, but my insecurities in my talent deterred me from progressing; I guess this was my spirit and angel guides way of telling me that I am a writer and that this is what I was sent here on earth to do…So, I go for my first interview and after the interview is over, the interviewer tells me to take a fortune cookie left over from their staff luncheon; so later that night I read the fortune cookie and it reads: Travelling south will bring you unexpected happiness (no coincidence that I just moved down south).
So, I get called back for a second interview…Now at the first interview, I was told that the position was an administrative position, I was cool with this, for, even though I wouldn’t be writing for the paper, it would be a good experience simply to be in a writing environment where I could network and learn the ropes of the writing industry. So, I go to the second interview and the only question the interviewer asks me is, “how are your writing skills? Because the position is an expanding position and it will require you to do some writing and blogging for our website?” Boy was I ecstatic!!!
Then it gets better, a week after I received the job I receive an email from an old coworker. She asked me if I had got a job this week. Turns out my old co-worker is really good friends with one of the individuals that interviewed me. The interviewer emailed my old coworker and here’s how the message went (my old co worker sent me the email):

Interviewer: do you know Dreamsun?
Old Coworker: Yes, she's awesome. Why?
Interviewer: We're thinking about hiring her.
Old Coworker: Do it. Don't think twice. Do it now. Seriously.
Interviewer: There's something about her ... I’m glad to hear your thoughts. I'll let you know.

Now, is that a great email or what? I am floating on cloud 9. Oh, and I got my first own apartment in a beautiful neighborhood that is convenient to all of my needs. These occurrences have provided me with so much confidence in the FACT that I am capable of attracting all that I desire out of life and I know that a lot of my growth has to do with frequenting dherbs so I just want to thank bro. D and the whole dherbs community for being a catalyst of my growth…Now all I gotta do is get my hands on that love manual and start opening up that heart chakra…story coming soon lol Wink Smiley Cheesy

Love...Freedom...Bliss Here I Come

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lol. you had me tearing up!!! Just because I have seen the progression in you from college til now Smiley its been greaT!!!!!

Sometimes people are destined for certain environments. Its like your soul or spirit yearns to be in a certain atomosphere. Ever go somewhere and you are instantly lifted? (i made that stand out, i think one doesnt necessarily have to move right away; it can also b about cutting out certain situations/thoughts/people giving that energy+positivity aka lift, but those are surface level because the real goodness:spiritual,happiness,understanding,wisdom,life,love,good things,etcetera can b hightened and more possible in certain locations/places.) Then thats a place where you are meant to be. Newark energy wise was not the place for you! Atlanta was. Look what happened you find a job you like, you do volunteer work, and you have the ability to be you!

Some people fast to clear their minds, you walked! im sure all that walking cleared your mind and energy and put you in line for good things

Life IS truly magical!!! Smiley

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