anyone feel guilty for eating 'too much fruit'?

get to know him. Durian Rider hes one of my idols and I will post his gospels all over my blog because it truly is pure logic 811 rv

hey, even i used to feel guilty about eating too much fruit. i remember being 8 years old and wanting another slice of melon and my mum said 'no, it will ruin your appetite for dinnner'..

i dont blame mom, i blame the system that makes fruit eating 'unatural and something to feel guilty over'..

you think a falcon feels guilt for eating a sparrow?, a horse feels guilty for eating grass all day? a giant asian squirel for eating a durian? so why should humans feel guilty for eating the main calories source that we have been biologically designed to eat and eat sufficiently! lol!

every cell in the human body is fueled by SIMPLE SUGARS, glucose and or fructose. thats WHY we crave sweet foods. its OUR INSTINCT.

but corporate advertising crew make us feel guilty for our sweet tooth. thats like feeling guilty cos we breath oxygen and we should hold our breath! lol! or not drink water cos it might drown us!

in the raw world we have superfood, chocolate, and honey salespeople dissing fruit and selling their REFINED SUGAR in a jar in the form of agave, honey, yacon etc.

yesterday i ate
15lb of melon
1lb dates
19 large ripe bananas
4lb cherrys
4lbs of figs
1 medium celery
1lb tomatoes
1 bunch cilantro
thats only a bit over 5000cals!. i used to eat that for lunch at pizza hut!

when i do the math, thats how many calories ive been burning per day in the last week. my hunger reflects my physicl output. last week i did 33 hours on the bike. some hard interval days with turbo sprints and cruise intervals at and above lactate threshold. and a couple of steady state big ring strength efforts up a 15 min climb.

i love fruit eating. my stomach is flat every morning and i can feel my hip bones. im lean, fit and feel amazing. my blood sugar issues have gone. candida gone. chronic fatigue gone. guilt of eating 'too much sugar' GONE

lets judge our food intake in terms of calories NOT volume. we dont have any real references on volume cos we live in a society where the AVERAGE FRUIT BOWL OF 4 BANANAS, A BUNCH OF GRAPES, 2 APPLES AND A PLUM, LASTS A FAMILY FOR A WEEK! lol!

i just had 15lb of valencias for breakfast! thats only 450g of carbs! ive got another 10lbs to go before i even break even calorically for the day..and i got a big weekend planned on the bike..

id be freak'n starving and wasting away like a candida'd out cashew buttered superfoodist having nightmares about banana smoothies being poured all over em if i based my food intake on 'fruit volume restrictions set by a cooked society OR some superfood dude whack'd on on cacao and ganga talk'n about how magic reishi mushrooms woke him up one night and gave him shamanistic powers of dosha rambling nonsense..passed off as nutritional knowledge and fed ex'd to any sucker with a credit card that doesnt know better or want to know better..

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