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I was poisoned by the birth control shot depo provera. Immediately falling sick with symptoms I went back to the doctor. She told me no way was it the shot that was making me sick. She was concerned there was something wrong in my brain and from there I ended up at two different neurologists, a chiropractor, many nurse practitions, an ear nose and throat doctor and on and on. I was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia. (...)

No doctor could cure me. They all gave me various drugs, which I took willing.. (foolish me!!) but not one of them cured me. They only further POISONED MY SYSTEM!

I was cured by one thing and one thing only! FASTING AND A MUCUS FREE DIET! I have researched fasting and diet for healing purposes extensively. My stack of books on the subjects stacks waist high. This is by far, hands down, the book I recommend the highest.

If you've read Fast Your Way To Health and/or The Miracle of Fasting, this one is even better!! A+++

I URGE you to read this book! If you apply what he teaches you will change your life. You WILL regain a greater health than you have ever known!


Reading between the lines of this simple yet profound book tells us that aging is based on the progressive accumulation of nonfunctional matter within the confines of the body which ultimately obstructs organ function until a key organ fails and death ensures. The origin of the nonfunctional matter within the body is from diet. If the foods we eat are not completely digested down to simple sugars and amino acids, and these incompletely digested fragments are absorbed, they only serve to obstruct the body's internal mechanisms. Aging is based on the progressive accumulation of nonfunctional matter originating in diet. If we can eliminate more nonfunctional matter from the body on a day to day basis than is formed, we have in fact reversed the aging process. Nonfunctional matter is eliminated from the body through two surfaces: the skin by sweating and the entire lining of the alimentary canal from the mouth to the anus, in particular fhrough the surface of the colon from the goblet cells. The substance of Ehret's book is the same as that found in the HATHA YOGA PRADIPIKA which is a sanskrit text explaining the scientific basis of physical immortality. The key to making spiritual progress is the complete purification of the physical body. For the brain to function on a higher level the substance in the body that limits the electrical capacity of the brain must first be removed. The rest is then automatic.


I've had rumathoid arthritis for 15 years and the ONLY "treatment" with positive results was this diet of Ehret. No more pain killers, no more acne (thanks to cortisone etc.) no more depression and NO pain or swelling. All allergies disappeared and I can eat almost anything in moderation. Had candida (chronic) - this also disappeared after the fast and never returned thanks to this MUCUSLESS DIET of Ehret. I don't miss any animal proteins in my diet and have no cravings! My husband and daughter loves this diet - they feel so clean! Read the book - it will make all the difference!

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  1. I love the Mucusless Diet Healing System, although I misunderstood a lot of things the first time I read it. I recently read an Annotated version by an Ehret lover named Prof. Spira: http://www.mucusfreelife.com/revised-mucusless-diet/. If you like the original book, or are new to Ehret's work, I highly recommend starting here. Either way, Ehret's system is a lifesaver, and helped me get away from some serious thyroid issues. Whether you have ailments or not, this is a great book to read!

    Be well!


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