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why is it that we can eat a 5000calorie meal from steak and potatoes or rice and beans and still feel like something sweet after? COS WE DIDNT PROVIDE SUFFICIENT SIMPLE SUGARS FOR THE BODY TO USE.

bottom line is ' EAT ENOUGH FRUIT!'

if you crave something sweet after your salad, you didnt eat enough fruit.

people say they dont have a sweet tooth? ive never met one. its human survival tool. its natures way of reminding us what to eat to thrive.

go out and eat 5 chickens and 2 litres of cream or boil up 1kg of rice and 6 tins of chickpeas or if you are on phase 1 fruit paranoia plan, eat soaked buckwheat and dulse flakes with 6 avocadoes and eat em till you almost vomit. BUT AFTER GORGING, YOU STILL FEEL HUNGRY DONT YOU? hungry for what? 100% OF THE TIME ITS FOR SOMETHING SWEET AND JUICY EH?

i used to eat hot chips but freaked when we ran out of bbq sauce.
when my bro ate my ice cream, i cried.
sent to bed 'with no desert!' is punishment!

on 811 we get to eat desert for breakfast, lunch and dinner. and we have to PACK in the desert! cos our desert is so water rich and low in cals compared to the cooked stodge we grew up on. we have to relearn to eat and drop the guilt trip for eating the amounts nature intended.

only the body can heal itself.....no pill no potion no food,only giving the body the right environment,*811rv) can allow your body to make healing progress...- Rawgreengoddess

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  1. is the post above a quote by DR?
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