lol its all aboout healthy intestines and treating them nicely.

read a medical textbook. b12 is produced and absorbed in the digestive tract by healthy individuals.b12 doesnt come from food. its produced by bacteria. by eating a low fat, high carb raw vegan diet we provide the bacteria the conditions to thrive and the clean digestion tract to absorb it.my b12 quadrupled when i 100% out chilli, garlic, salt, seaweed, nama shoyu etc, powders, superfoods, oil and store bought nuts and seeds.so those that mean i should go eat that stodge now im 'cured'? lol! NO! it means i treated the cause instead of jumping on the symptom treating wagon.ive got a good mate, 100% raw and eats raw meats. the other day they were eating mince meat and raw cream. their b12 is similar to mine. they have been raw omnivore for over 7 years. so anyone saying they need animal products for b12 is just talk'n out their ignorant,uninformed a'hole.. :)people dont eat animal products cos they think they need em, they eat em cos they like to eat em..i accept that.

wow DR delivers again. so rawwwwwwwww
lil more here
The first B12 deficiencies were discovered in meat eaters, after all, and there's no real sign that despite vegans usually having less of it in their systems, that B12 deficiency is more prevalent in them. Regardless of what you're eating, no amount of B12 taken orally will guarantee a freedom from deficiency. Spirulina, chlorella and a few other seem to offer some promise of sufficient B12 levels to put a dent in our needs. Yet these are not actually vegan, and are considered as much animal as plant. "Additionally, these sources contain significant amounts of concobalamin analogues of B12, which interfere with the absorption of true B12, occupying the body's B12 receptors and lessening our absorption ability. On our tests, which are not very accurate, these analogues are perceived as actual B12". -doctor Douglas Graham(he is composed of pure epicness\lengendary)

cut fat, eat raw fruits +veg +easy on rinsing/washing organic produce as bacteria is on it from soil dont worry about some dirt its got delicious/supr beneficial bacteria + eat room temp food(frozen stuff =not good) teh end :D
oh yea u prob dont take antibiotics and other drugs; i didnt even address how they wreaccck havoc

Every animal on the earth seems to do fine with their B12. Either they're getting it through food sources or they're producing it internally. So if we can't do this as science says, man is apparently some pathetic wastrel who is incapable of surviving on this earth without the help of supplements.

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