Mango's 10 day fast

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10 day fast

A few months later, I decided to do the wilderness thing.. head out into the forest, and do a longer fast alone..

I chose my spot well, pitched tent under some pine trees in a completely hidden spot where no one was likely to ever stumble across me.. I was at about 900ms altitude in the French Pyrenees, several kilometers from the Spanish border, in the middle of nowhere in particular, but roughly 10 minutes walk from a fresh water spring rarely ever visted by anyone.

This fast lasted 10 days, and was without doubt the most profoundly cleansing one so far. Again, no notes were taken at the time, but one particular incidence stands out in my mind...

It must have been on the 6th or 7th day.. To understand better, we'll have to back track a few months..:

......... During the previous winter, I had been working on an internal wall in an old house, I don't recall exactly what I was doing, but there was a lot of hammer and chisel stuff going on, and as always, I was barefoot Something happened too fast.. A piece of the wall fell off, and I jumped backwards twisting my foot as I did so, but not quite fast enough as a big chunk hit my foot as I moved.. I had sprained my ankle, and for a week or 2, I had to be careful how I walked..

It had just about healed, when one evening I slipped on some black ice on the steps outside the house (this time I was wearing footwear for about the first time that year), and within an hour my whole ankle had swollen up like a grapefruit..

For weeks I was hardly able to move at all, and I didn't feel good walking until at least 2 months later... When it had eventually healed, of sorts, I felt like my foot must have suffered permanent damage, I was unable to move it in all directions as previously. I resigned myself to having a slight stiffness with my foot.

Anyhow.. where was I? Oh yes.. on the 6th or 7th day, I was lying down in the sunshine, on my back feeling weak, but relaxed.

Suddenly, I felt this warm tingling sensation around my right foot/ankle area.. I just lied still observing/experiencing.. For about half an hour, my foot pulsated, warm and throbbing.. It was not an unpleasant/uncomfortable sensation.

Eventually it stopped, I sat up, and moved my foot. It was miraculous, all stiffness had completely vanished. My foot felt as good as new..

Then suddenly I remembered.... it had been the left foot that was injured.. Naah.. just kidding! It was the right foot indeed, and healed completely it had!

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